Since joining in January 2016, I have had a pivotal role in driving the digital transformation of this leading telecommunications company, whilst being responsible for the management, team morale and productivity of the department. I have established creative processes and quality control assurance with central focus on supporting CPD (continuing professional development) within the team.

Head of Creative at PowWowNow

Pushing pixels and careers

I have managed a number of in-house and external contractors, built a creative studio within the Marketing team, who produced relevant and meaningful work across different channels. As a multidisciplinary designer and creative, my passion centres upon producing great content always, with a growth mindset all around.

Product design


PowWowNow’s web meeting product started in 2018 as a new offering to enter the video conference space and cater to the future of communication as we see today. From the initial concept until the beginning of 2021 I’ve worked on the architecture and strategy to keep improving the product’s UX/UI. Always using a human-centric approach and relevant data.

The approach

Step by step

1. Defining the problems and frustrations
2. Goals and objectives
3. Analysing competitors
4. Defining functionality
5. Wireframes
6. Mood board
7. Userflow
8. UI and prototype

Defining the problems and frustrations

pain points – pre, during and post conference

The research conducted with a large number of customers revealed some patterns in relation to frustrations when having an online conference. Some of these include:

1. Scheduling a meeting and getting everyone to quickly agree to a time.

2. Getting everyone on the call on time and prepared.

3. Fear of keeping people engaged and knowing if they’re listening.

4. Capturing what is being said and action points for next meeting.

Goals and objectives

Why are we doing this?

The objective was to build a simple and effective way to hold more productive meetings online. Market drivers and strong competition led us to built this product. The goal is to lead the smb market in the UK.

Competitor analysis

Who’s out there

We did extensive research into competitors offerings, market positioning and target audience. The findings allowed us to build our product, going to market with a clear and objective message, reaching out to our customer base and new customers.

Defining functionality

areas with dedicated purpose

This section aims to compartmentalise specific features, observe users interacting with the product to validate hypothesis and inform UI placement.

Sketches & Wireframes

Low fidelity concepts

Ideation process to test and validate ideas.

mapping out the flow

information architecture

Starting and joining a meeting – this part of the process looks into all touch points throughout the meeting process.

the Site map

From sign up to

starting a meeting


time for a change

In September 2018 PowWowNow went through a re-brand introducing a new campaign – POW! I led the transformation of our website and product offering through design. It was an exciting process to be such an integral part of this new phase. I am always looking to improve our website’s UI/UX, with a natural problem-solving attitude and eye for detail.

Visual guidelines

seeing is believing

I’ve created the visual guidelines for PowWowNow with the objective to solidify the brand’s presence in relation to competitors on the market and make us stand out through vibrant creative visuals and clear messaging.

Mobile App

revamp & revenue

New UX/UI concept for the conference calling offering

Video Production

and… action!

I have produced over 30 videos from concept to execution, including short ads, testimonials, animations and more. One of my highlights was being invited to the US on a couple of occasions to do a series of product launch videos. You can find a few of them on Vimeo:


Other case studies

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