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mvp concept


iPronto is a location-based mobile app concept for on-demand house services which connects customers to trades people such as plumbers, electricians, handyman, domestic cleaning and Furniture Assembly.

Defining the problem

How to create a platform that ensures quality and trust of the services provided. Especially when facing an emergency repair or a time sensitive problem in a seamless way.


My process differs from project to project, depending on factors such as the project goals, business needs, complexity of the problem, time and resource. In this particular project the approach chosen was in-line with Design thinking principles. Always empathising with the customer and their needs.


Interviewing users to find out their pain points and needs


Sketch different concepts and solutions for the product


Low fidelity wireframes to validate concepts


High fidelity prototypes to test concepts





The initial research showed that potential users are interested in transparency, fair price and a seamless experience when booking a service. Reliability and security are also big factors as the practitioner will be working in their house. Once the information was gathered from potential users the next step consisted in sketching some ideas to solve the problem.

mapping out the flow

information architecture

This step helps visualise the top level touch points for the whole journey for the customer within the App.

The prototype

high fidelity

The three pillars


A user of home management services, initially focused on six contractor skillsets


Plumbers, electricians, handyman Domestic Cleaning, Furniture Assembly and Interior Painting


Manufactures and suppliers of products and parts to contractors

Key Take aways


1. The research undertaken showed a positive attitude towards the platform and how different users would see value in the app through it’s convenience and reliability.

2. Interviews showed that having reviews and practitioners’ credentials would be crucial to validate the quality of the work provided.

3. Some potential users really liked the overall experience and would like to see more options included such as gardening for example. Including more services and industries would guarantee the scalability of the project.

Other case studies

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